Friday, August 13, 2010

Reasons Why Workplace Accidents Occur

There are many organizations where accidents occur, behind accidents there are reasons. There are human as well as technical errors due to which accidents occur, many a times these can be avoided. Here are a few reasons due to which accidents happen at work places.

Defective equipments: A defected machine can cause many problems in functioning as well as can damage the person who is operating it largely. It can cause explosion or emit harmful gases or electric sparks and shocks, these are just a few possibilities. The machinery used in industries are huge in size and if not repaired or replaced on time can lead to fatal accidents too.

Inadequate Safety Equipments: People working in industries, labs etc need high quality work wear that can protect them from any possible dangers while they are working. A lot of organizations do not insist on high quality safety products and equipments be it gloves, caps etc. The low quality products will not last long and put the life of the employee at high risk.

Inadequate Training: Proper training of handling and operating heavy machinery should be given to the employees before they start the job. If this does not happen the person who is assigned the task will not have proper knowledge and may commit a mistake that might be hazardous.

Careless attitude of Co workers: Some tasks require effort of two or more people, in such a situation there has to be an understanding among every team member. Even if one person commits an error it will affect the end product and may even lead to accidents.

Some of the errors are human and can be avoided at work place. But some errors can be avoided by taking necessary precautions before the accidents happen.

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